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Spurgeon's The Mourner's Comforter now available! 

From The Mourner's Comforter

"The Lord himself breaks in upon the mourner's misery, and makes the most gracious arrangements for his consolation. When a man is in sore trouble, he naturally begins to look this way and that way for deliverance; thereby, much of the man's mind and heart are made manifest... but the child of God runs to his Father, and expects consolation only from the Lord's hand."


From Not All Roads Lead Home

"'...We have been on a fool's errand then,' said John, 'ever since we left the main road.'"(from The Pilgrim's Regress by C.S. Lewis)

"C.S. Lewis's autobiography convinced me that God could cause faith to thrive."

"We were learning to guard our marriage against the dangerous weight of 'important' things that can so insidiously push priorities off track."


From Exhausted Rapunzel

CAR LIFE - "There are those of us who cannot find our way out of a paper bag when it comes to directions; in this modern world we should probably be referred to as the 'geographically challenged' or the 'destination impaired.' Whatever you want to call us, we ain't gonna get there in time."



From Seeking
God's Face

"The place where I live in France has been for generations a market gardening town. Often...I rise early to seek God's face and commune with him during an early morning walk... Wherever you live, whether in a small village, or in the country, or in a bustling city... Make time in your busy days; find your own quite place--and pray!"


From Only Believe

"I gradually became aware of his voice and of what he was saying. He had been repeating over and over again, 'Don't look at the bamboo; look at me.' ...I thought afterwards, how often do we focus on the difficulties and dangers of life rather than on the Lord?...'fix our eyes on Jesus.'"



Now in Stock!!

An esteemed devotional writer has finished her second book of the Paths of Peace trilogy. This book is an outstanding devotional and meditative resource. It is appropriate for group discussion or study.  Free Reader's Resource is available using Adobe Acrobat reader.

Part of the publisher's desire to produce quality books for thinking Christians, Only Believe by Beryl Adamsbaum shows what trust is, why it is important, and what it means every day. This book shows how prayer helps faith become a more personal reality every day.

Drawing on Biblical examples as well as modern experience, Beryl Adamsbaum provides reliable reading to return to again and again.

This book emphasizes the practical significance of a basic and vital attribute of waiting upon God and the vindicating aspects of trust. This book shows how confidence in prayer leads to peace. This book highlights the joys that become part of obedient faith. This compact volume draws on Old Testament history through people such as Hannah, Abraham, Moses, Jonah, Job, and others. This small volume uses modern resources and personal examples to illustrate the joyous qualities that emerge from trust.

This book shows how trust has remained a dominant theme of faith and prayer during the centuries since men and women have had holy teaching, law, and statutes of Judaic and Christian belief.

In her approachable style, Beryl Adamsbaum highlights why it is important to know what Scripture says, what it means, and the possibilities for everyone who reads the Bible.

"I particularly like the ongoing 'only believe', which I think helps to hold the book together." -- Marion Stroud, author of Face to Face with Cancer: Comfort and Practical Advice for Sufferers and Carers

Beryl Adamsbaum is a pastor's wife, public speaker, and experienced Bible study leader. She lives in Gaillard, France, not far from Geneva, Switzerland.


About the book:

Seeking God's Face devotional writer Beryl Adamsbaum's first book of her PATHS OF PEACE TRILOGY, displays her thoughtful and approachable style as she opens her heart and mind to readers. Be inspired to enter freely into a deeper life with God and benefit from the author's thoughtful inquiries and heartening illustrations.


About the Author:

Beryl AdamsbaumBeryl Adamsbaum's friendly style gives readers deep, inspiring, and reliable presentations about prayer.

In Only Believe, the second book of her prayer trilogy, Beryl Adamsbaum focuses on trust and prayer.

Beryl Adamsbaum has led Bible study groups for over thirty years, part of her ministry with her husband, Derek, at the Evangelical Baptist Church of Geneva, from which Derek recently retired.

Only Believe
- by Beryl Adamsbaum.  (Reg. $9.95)



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